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Pokemon Resolute (alpha 1.1) is a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald (GBA). Play.Only one full item run for me, and only failed one stage I used items on.My team was M-Sal (perfect), Braviary (max, SL4), Uxie (max, SL5) and Tornadus, RT SL3.Stage Level 300: Same items and team with 250, 2 moves left.Levels 200-300 are going to be harder because we have to do more damage each turn.

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Copied your team and item suggestions and finished with 2 moves left.Thanks to SL5 MB Salamence, I was able to mega evolve in turn 2.Luckily the third disruptions had barriers and I was able to clear it and do some damage, but it was a close one.I had no Diancie matches in turn 1 but I was able to mega evolve with a 3-icon Diancie match in turn 2.

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Taking ages to get SRay online meant the result was less comfy than perhaps it ought to have been.I remembered this boss stage is the same disruption to stage 30, Try Killer Bee to wreck its disruption, powerbank for dameging. Work nice.

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I took a long time mega evolving and clearing the top barriers hence only one move left, not a stressful run though.The faster you evolve Shiny Ray, the higher chance you may pass it.Decided to bite the bullet and use items after getting trolled by the RNG one too many times.DD is pretty much non-negotiable otherwise the stage is a blockfest.

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I do pretty much the same, do not have many hearts to spare trying to be cheap.

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Mega Salamence perfect, Pidgeotto perfect, Shaymin-Sky perfect, Uxie SL5 Lv8.Shiny Ray did well but if I had known, I would have taken my fully candied (and swapped) Diancie.Watch the disruption counter and try to swarm the right and left board with M-Diancie right before the disrupion kicks in.

In addition, when boss Keldeo disrupts, it does so with the rocks in the image, then the barriers shown, then random rocks.Got a skip straight to it c: I could barely deal half his HP in the 8 turns.The first attempt Diancie was level 10, so I spent a few RML (had already given it two) and a bunch of EXP small and medium and got it to level 15.Got it down to a sliver of health 2-3 times with this team and finally got a round with a lot of combos.Note: Will write out teams later for regular levels if they prove to be a challenge.Potential to mega evolve in one move and gets rid of disruptions really well (unless just rocks).

I found him more reliable with combos than S-M Ray, as I suck with tappers.But Uxie is best IMO because the countdown is 4, long enough to try making matches of 4 or 5).Hopeless run, Azumaril seems love to troll me, only 2 RT-Proc at third and second last turn.

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The pokemon emerald rare candy cheat code is very easy to use and unlock the next level, gain candies and other goodies with this pokemon emerald.My team is Shiny M-Ray(lvl8), Mewtwo(lvl9), Cresselia(lvl8), Victini(lvl8).Pokemon resolute cheats (megastone,walkthroughwalls,unlimited money,etc) - Duration: 3:57.

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Worked really well actually, cleared the board with a decently high disruption timer, and I always had plenty of Diancie icons ready when the disruption hit.Pokemon Resolute ROM Download, Walkthrough, Cheats and Gameshark Codes. di Game Hacks.Will be mostly using dual Sky Blast though so you might not find much diversity in my teams.After the first two block disruptions it disrupts rocks every turn you get a combo.

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Figured my M-Diancie strategy would be too close for this, but adding DD ruins that strategy and C-1 sound like expensive overkill.These items should suffice if you have invested in this team.The extra support poke makes combos very difficult to happen, making burst damage have an important role here.Keldeo-R will spawn 6 metal blocks at the beginning, then 6 more blocks after 2 moves.AshuPirateKing 53,152 views. 3:57. Pokemon Resolute Walkthrough.Forgot to bring Cresselia, but if you can keep activating mind zap, I think an SL5 Azumarill is the better choice anyway.

Also, specially for newer players, Victini is a great choice, even better than Meloetta (same HP, but better ability).Pokemon Black 2 wiki at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.Seriously Do not attempt with SB unless you want to test your luck.Pokemon Mega Power is a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald, created by 1158 on Pokecommunity. 1158 has also created Pokemon Victory Fire and Pokemon Resolute.I was thinking I might use Xerneas SL5 (20) or even Lugia SL2 (10) instead.

It took me some tries to figure out which was the optimal team.

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Did a short bit of grinding exp to get Cresselia, Unown, and Uxie up to fairly respectable levels, as well as giving Uxie one more SBM.A recently grinded SL5 Uxie makes light work of this stage because of the long disruption counter.Disruption is the same as 241-249, but instead of rocks you get blocks every 2 turns, I think.I triggered M-Diancie to clear the barriers in the third turn.This EB turned out to have one heck of an expensive end game.Given that Disney Worldwide Publishing appears resolute in their disinterest in publishing comics in North America.At first, I attempted to beat the stage with S-M Ray, Salamence, Uxie, and Cresselia.

Stage 1-29, 31-49, 51-82: M-Gardevoir (5), Xerneas SL4 (15), Azumarill RT(SL5) (15), Victini (8).

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As of today, there will be a new website for the Dark Rising Head Quarters.

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And I have no hesitation in investing a certain pokemon for an EB.

I was incredibly lucky on a couple of them and finished with 3 and 4 moves left, but mostly you will be on the edge of 0-1 moves left, which is fine.Beresford-Kroeger explores the most beautiful forests in the Northern Hemisphere from the sacred sugi and cedar forests of Japan to the great boreal forest of Canada.Jump to: navigation, search. Fixed an issue where Kepler Town in the rain links to a pokemon center,.Those complaints aside, I am legitimately enjoying this EB, the last was just exhausting and I stopped at 200, perhaps this is just because I am being blessed with many angry skips this time.Without fifth-supporter, M-Diancie shines again, and Azumaril betrays me again.

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