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But they might be as much as 3, 4, or 5 times more expensive, depending on the model.And reworking old products into new products (rather than designing entirely new products) and trading off old brand familiarity, is one of the most cost-effective ways for any business to make a profit.I now have three boys of my own and want to let them experience this as well.Would be a lot simpler for selling, if the whole car was straight up original.RC Car, RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Truck Sale on Hottest and Fastest in Electric and Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Buggies, RC Boats, RC Tanks.

But in the early 1990s when I first started collecting Tamiya cars, spare parts for the early and most popular kits were becoming hard to find, as those kits had been discontinued.Tamiya model kits are some of the finest model kits you will find on the market today.1/14 rc car truck for 1/10 tamiya 3 position 2wd/4WD Metal Transmission SET man c012 $69.99: 1/14 RC car option metal double axial Rear Block for tamiya truck Man...And over time, such differences become more well-known to everyone.Remake kits will eventually climb in collectability, once they are discontinued themselves.While they do deliver better performance, part of the charm of running vintage Tamiyas comes from the technological levels of the era when they were released, and the early mechanical speed controllers included with original Tamiyas were often an integral part of how the models both looked, and worked.Sure, people who buy new Tamiya kits today will probably feel nostalgic about them in the year 2044 (30 years from now), and this may affect values.We finished up four days ago and it was great to see same sense of excitement in his face, as I remember having as a child.

Because I wanted to use the Grasshopper for one of my Youtube videos, I decided to restore it.Save big on Drones, RC Helicoptesr, RC Cars, Trucks, Vehicles and Airsoft Gun for your Black Friday shopping.

In the case of some parts, the reissue item is made with the same or very similar mold as the original.The models in this picture are numbers 58001 (the green Porsche 934 at the top left), to 58100 (the green Top-Force buggy at the bottom right).Further, the value of remake items can also increase in future years when they are inevitably discontinued as well.Tamiya is a company in Japan that produces realistic looking remote control cars and trucks.One of the very first brands in RC Cars, Tamiya is synonymous with quality, precision and realism in the scale and racing rc worlds and they live by.Vintage collecting is all about provenance relating to an earlier time in life, and the feelings of nostalgia that come with it.

Choose from thousands of different combinations or rc helicopters, drones, cars and trucks.Thanks again for sharing your information and for the hard work involved.Cars and trucks that look and drive just like the real thing.This is because it has become cheaper to manufacture toys as time as passed, and Tamiya has also cut costs by no longer manufacturing many things in Japan like they used to.Having said all that, collectors are very particular about the differences between originals and remakes.

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No prizes for guessing which one is the original unbuilt kit from the 1980s.This is hugely important to me and collectors i associate with.Even though it is the first time building any RC, I am impressed by the quality of the components Tamiya has provided.

But what happens if someone is simply selling a remake kit for an inflated price.A comprehensive catalogue of Paris-Dakar vehicles and competitors from 1979 to 1985 (written in French but easy for anyone to navigate).But their existence in recent years has, ironically, made it a little easier (cheaper) to collect some of the originals.

Tags: Kyosho, Original, Re-release, Reissue, Remake, Rerelease, Tamiya, Tamiya Frog, Tamiya Grasshopper, Tamiya Hotshot, Tamiya Rough Rider, Tamiya Sand Scorcher, Tamiya Supershot, Vintage vs Remake.To phrase it another way: I could have saved money, had I started collecting my original Tamiyas a little later.The only collect-ability I could see in the reissues would be maybe an investment in the future if the collector already has the original.

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For sale is my slightly used remote control car with all the accessories.

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And in some cases, values of originals have begun to climb again, regardless of the existence of a reissue.If consumers are willing to accept and buy kits based on 30 year old technology, why not also create some new buggies and trucks based on the same old vintage design and technology spirit.The quality of output from factories in foreign countries cannot be controlled as tightly as many companies would like you to think.

Find cheap nitro rc cars for free shipping,. wholesale tamiya rc cars rc cars bodies rc cars brushless. Find the lowest price and best deals on nitro rc cars,.However, it is impossible to discuss collecting, collectability and our ability to collect without also speculating a little about current and future rarity and value.

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Most companies have launched remakes of popular vintage toys over the years.Kyosho is a worldwide leader in quality and technology in radio control cars, trucks buggies, airplanes and specialty RC vehicles.

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